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Developer Shigeru Miyamoto
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms see below
Released 1990-present
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Yoshi is a character, and species, that is part of a multimedia franchise consisting of video games, television shows, movies, comics, and music.

Yoshi is a spin-off of, and also appears in some video games, comics, television shows, and films of the Super Mario series.

Yoshi has also appeared as a playable character in the Mario Kart series, the Mario Party series, the Mario sports series, the Super Smash Bros. series, and the latest game in the Dr. Mario series.

Fictional character biographies

The Yoshi are friendly dinosaurs from Dinosaur Island. Mario and Luigi rescued some of them who were trapped in eggs and rode on them in their quest to defeat Bowser, King of the Koopa.

Later, a powerful magikoopa named Kamek traveled back in time to when the twins were still babies, to try to prevent their constant thwarting of Bowser. He attacked the stork that was carrying the twins, but he only managed to kidnap Luigi, while Mario fell down to Yoshi Island. The Yoshis rescued Mario and later rescued his brother, and the babies were delivered to their parents.

However, the couple claims that they are not the parents of the babies, so the stork returns to take them to their real parents. Once again, Kamek tries to kidnap the babies, but only manages to capture Luigi, while Mario falls down to Egg Island. A group of Yoshis on the island rescue him, then manage to rescue Luigi and take both babies to their real parents.

After that, Kamek decides to take things further and kidnaps all of the babies in the world. Yoshi, Baby Mario, Baby Peach, and the stork team up to rescue the babies and return them to their parents.

Video games featuring Yoshi

Title Developer System Release Added to museum Notes
Yoshi Game Freak NES
Game Boy
1991 Not yet A puzzle game.
Yoshi's Cookie Tose NES
Game Boy
1992 Not yet A puzzle game.
Yoshi's Safari Nintendo R&D1 SNES 1993 Not yet A light gun shooter.
Super Mario Land 2: Yoshi's Island Nintendo EAD SNES 1995 SF Mini: October 31, 2017
SNES: CE: March: 16,: 2018
A platform game. Despite the title, Yoshi are the playable characters.
Tetris Attack Intelligent Systems SNES
Game Boy
1996 Not yet A puzzle game, modified from Panel de Pon to contain a Yoshi theme.
Yoshi's Story Nintendo EAD Nintendo 64 1997 Not yet A platform game.
Yoshi Topsy-Turvy Artoon Game Boy Advance 2004 Not yet A platform game.
Yoshi Touch & Go Artoon Game Boy Advance 2005 Not yet A platform game.
Yoshi's Island DS Artoon Nintendo DS 2006 Not yet A platform game.
Yoshi's New Island Arzest Nintendo 3DS 2014 Not yet A platform game.
Yoshi's Wooly World Good-Feel Wii U
Nintendo 3DS
Not yet A platform game.
Yoshi's Crafted World Good-Feel Nintendo Switch 2019 Not yet A platform game.