Sega Genesis Mini 2

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Sega Genesis Mini 2
Designer M2
Manufacturer Sega
CPU 1.3 GHz Quad-Core ARM Cortex A7
Graphics Mali-400
Memory 256 MB
Media internal storage
Released WW: October 27, 2022
Added to Museum North America: March 23, 2023
Japan: May 7, 2024
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The Sega Genesis Mini 2, known as the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 outside North America, is a miniature video game system by Sega.

It contains fifty built-in games, running on an emulator designed by M2, and is designed to resemble the second model of the Sega Genesis.

Unlike the original Sega Genesis Mini, the Sega Genesis Mini 2 includes Sega CD games in addition to Sega Genesis games.

One six-button controller is included which connects to the console using a USB connection. The video is output through HDMI.

Sound selection

The Sega Genesis has both FM and PSG sound sources. As the sound was different between the two models, there is a choice of playing music and sound effects as they would sound on a model 1 or a model 2.


According to Yosuke Okunari, a creative producer within Sega that also worked on the Sega Genesis Mini and the Game Gear Micro, a miniature Sega Saturn or Dreamcast was considered for Sega's next mini console. However, the cost would be too much due to the microchip shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. That shortage caused the price of the Game Gear Micro to be about one and a half times higher than initially projected, and Sega wanted a mini-console similar in price to the Sega Genesis Mini in order to maximize sales. Sega had access to the board used in the Sega Genesis Mini, however, it would not be powerful enough to run Saturn or Dreamcast games. Thus, a miniature console based on the Sega Genesis model 2 was chosen with a price point only slightly higher than the original Sega Genesis Mini.

The Sega Mega Drive Mini was revealed on June 3, 2022. Sega planned to increase its marketing in Japan and will have most of its sales volume focused on the Japanese market. However, because the Sega Genesis Mini sold more in North America and Europe than in Japan, a worldwide release is planned. Due to microchip shortages, however, the stock of the Sega Genesis Mini 2 will be lower than the original Sega Genesis Mini.

Games list

Fifty games are included in the Sega Drive Mini 2.

Title Developer Platform International Japan Notes
Aah! Harimanada Mega Soft Mega Drive No Yes
After Burner II Studio 128
Genesis Yes Yes
Alien Soldier Treasure Genesis Yes Yes
Atomic Runner Data East Genesis Yes Yes
Bonanza Bros Sega Genesis Yes Yes
Captain Tsubasa Tecmo Mega CD No Yes
ClayFighter Visual Concepts
Ringler Studios
Genesis Yes No
Columns III Sega Genesis Yes Yes
Combat King: King Colossus Sega CS
Team D-Axe
Mega Drive No Yes
Crusader of Centy Nextech Genesis Yes Yes
Desert Strike Electronic Arts Genesis Yes No
Devi & Pii Sega Genesis Yes Yes Previously unreleased
Earthworm Jim 2 Shiny Entertainment Genesis Yes No
Ecco the Dolphin Novotrade International Sega CD Yes Yes
Ecco: The Tides of Time Novotrade International Sega CD Yes Yes
Egocentric Gambler: Mahjong Dojo Yellow Horn Mega Drive No Yes
Elemental Master Technosoft Genesis Yes No
Fantasy Zone Sega R&D1
Genesis Yes Yes New port by M2
Fatal Fury 2 SNK Genesis Yes Yes
Final Fight CD Capcom Sega CD Yes Yes
Flaming Rugby Boy: Dodge Danpei Sega CS1 Mega Drive No Yes
Gain Ground Sega
Genesis Yes No
Golden Axe II Sega CD Genesis Yes No
Granada Wolf Team Genesis Yes No
Herzog Zwei Technosoft Genesis Yes No
Lunar: Eternal Blue Game Arts
Studio Alex
Mega CD No Yes
Lunar: The Silver Star Game Arts
Studio Alex
Mega CD No Yes
Magical Taruruto-kun Game Freak Mega Drive No Yes
Magical Girl: Silky Lip Game Freak Mega CD No Yes
Mansion of Hidden Souls System Sacom Sega CD Yes Yes
Megapanel Namcot Mega Drive No Yes
Midnight Resistence Data East
Genesis Yes Yes
Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water Namco Mega Drive No Yes
Night Striker Taito Sega CD Yes Yes
Night Trap Digital Pictures Sega CD Yes Yes
The Ninja Warriors Taito Mega CD Yes Yes
The Ooze Sega Technical Institute Genesis Yes No
OutRun Sega Genesis Yes Yes
OutRunners Sega Genesis Yes No
Party Quiz Mega Q 2022 Sega CS
Minato Giken
Mega Drive No Yes Updated version of the 1993 game.
Party Quiz Sega Q Sega CS
Minato Giken
Mega Drive No Yes Updated Sega-themed version of the 1993 game.
Phantasy Star II Sega R&D2 Mega Drive No Yes
Popful Mail Nihon Falcom Mega CD No Yes
Populous Bullfrog Productions Genesis Yes Yes
Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R Sega AM1
Mega Drive No Yes
Rainbow Islands Extra Taito Genesis Yes No
Ranger X GAU Entertainment Genesis Yes No
The Revenge of Shinobi Sega R&D2 Genesis Yes No
Ristar Sega CS Genesis Yes Yes
Robo Aleste Compile Sega CD Yes No
Rolling Thunder 2 Namco Genesis Yes No
Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny Koei Mega Drive/Mega CD No Yes
Rule the World Through Warfare: Roar of the Heroes Game Arts Mega CD No Yes
Sewer Shark Digital Pictures Sega CD Yes No
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi Sega R&D2 Genesis Yes No
Shin Megami Tensei Atlus Mega CD No Yes
Shining Force II Sonic! Software Planning Genesis Yes No
Shining Force CD Climax Entertainment
Sonic! Software Planning
Sega CD Yes Yes
Shining in the Darkness Climax Entertainment
Camelot Software Planning
Genesis Yes Yes
Silpheed Game Arts Sega CD Yes Yes
Sonic 3D Blast Traveler's Tales
Sonic Team
Genesis Yes No
Sonic CD Sega Sega CD Yes Yes
Sorcerian Nihon Falcom Genesis Yes Yes
Space Harrier Studio 128
Genesis Yes Yes New port by M2.
Space Harrier II Sega R&D2
Genesis Yes Yes Enhanced port by M2.
Spatter Sega Genesis Yes Yes New port by M2
Splatterhouse 2 Namco Genesis Yes Yes
Star Cruiser Arsys Software Mega Drive No Yes
Star Mobile Mindwear Genesis Yes Yes Previously unreleased
Starblade Namco Mega CD No Yes
Streets of Rage 3 Sega CS
Genesis Yes No
Super Hang-On Sega AM2 Genesis Yes No
Super Locomotive Sega
Genesis Yes Yes New port by M2
Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers Capcom Genesis Yes Yes
Thunder Force IV Technosoft Genesis Yes Yes
ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron Toaplan Genesis Yes No
Truxton Toaplan Genesis Yes Yes
Vectorman 2 BlueSky Software
Drooling Dogs Studio
Genesis Yes No
Viewpoint Aicom Genesis Yes Yes
Virtua Racing Sega Genesis Yes Yes
VS Puyo Puyo Sun Compile Genesis Yes Yes
Warsong Masaya Games Genesis Yes Yes
Wondermega Collection JVC Mega CD No Yes Includes Paddle Fighter, Flicky, Pyramid Magic, and Quiz Scramble.