Bases Loaded

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Bases Loaded
Developer Jaleco, Tose
Publisher Jaleco
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Released 1988-present
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Bases Loaded, known in Japan as Burn!! Pro Baseball (燃えろ!!プロ野球, Moero!! Pro Yakyū), is a Japanese video game series.

It was originally created on June 26, 1987, by Jaleco.

The first game was the original Bases Loaded, which was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The video games were developed by Jaleco and Tose.

Video games

Title Developer Release System Notes
Bases Loaded Jaleco, Tose 1987 Game Boy, NES
Burn!! Pro Baseball Home Run Competition Jaleco 1988 Arcade, Game Boy Color
Bases Loaded II: Second Season Tose 1988 NES
Force!! Pro Baseball Jaleco 1989 Arcade
New Burn!! Pro Baseball Jaleco 1989 Famicom
Bases Loaded 3 Tose 1990 NES
Bases Loaded 4 Tose 1991 NES
Super Bases Loaded Tose 1991 SNES
Super Bases Loaded 2 Tose 1992 SNES
Super Bases Loaded 3 Tose 1994 SNES
Bases Loaded '96: Double Header Jaleco 1995 Saturn
Burn!! Pro Baseball: Home Run Competition SP Mindware 2015 Android, iOS