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Jaleco logo.png
Type Brand name of City Connection
Founded October 3, 1974 (Japan Leisure Co.)
~1980 (Jaleco)
2000 (PCCW Japan)
2002 (Jaleco Limited)
July 3, 2006 (Jaleco Holding)
April 2009 (Encom Holdings)
(Closed on May 21, 2014)
Headquarters Kyoto, Japan
Key people not disclosed
Industry video games
Products Video games
Number of people not disclosed
Website N/A

Jaleco is a brand name owned by City Connection.

Japan Leisure Company

Japan Leisure Company was founded in 1974.


Around 1980, the company was renamed Jaleco.

PCCW Japan

Jaleco was acquired by Hong Kong-based PCCW in 2000 and rebranded PCCW Japan.

Jaleco Limited

PCCW Japan was renamed Jaleco Limited in 2002.

Jaleco Holding

In August 2005, Jaleco Limited was sold to Sandringham Fund SPC and was made a subsidiary of Hyperlink Investments Group, itself a subsidiary of Sandringham Fund SPC.

In 2006, Jaleco Limited was renamed Jaleco Holding, while the company's video game operations were spun off into a company named Jaleco, which became a subsidiary of Jaleco Holding.

Encom Holdings

In October 2007, Hyperlink Investments sold Jaleco Holding to Game Yarou.

In April 2009, Jaleco Holding left the video game industry and was renamed Encom Holdings.

Encom Holdings ceased operations after Game Yarou went bankrupt on May 21, 2014.

Acquisition by City Connection

In 2014, after the bankruptcy of Game Yarou, City Connection, a company named after one of Jaleco's games, purchased the intellectual property of Jaleco.

Video games by Jaleco by the WEC Museum

Title System Release Notes
Banishing Racer Game Boy 1991
Bases Loaded Game Boy, NES 1987
Battle Unit Zeoth Game Boy 1990
Brawl Brothers SNES 1992
Burn!! Jūdō Warriors NES 1990
City Connection Arcade, NES 1985
The Day the Demon King Crashes Feature phone 2005
Exerion Arcade, NES 1983
Formation Z Arcade, NES 1984
Fortified Zone Game Boy 1991
The Fortress of Fury 2 Game Boy 1992
Game Tengoku: The Game Paradise Arcade 1995
Hero Pinball Party Game Boy 1990
The Ignition Factor SNES 1994
JaJaMaru's Big Adventure NES 1986
Jaleco Rally: Big Run - The Supreme 4WD Challenge SNES 1989
Monster Club NES 1987
Ninja JaJaMaru-kun - Ranbu Mobile (BREW, DoJa, J2ME) 2003
Operation Logic Bomb: The Ultimate Search & Destroy SNES 1993
The Peace Keepers SNES 1994
Plasma Ball NES 1992
Rival Turf! SNES 1992
Rod Land Game Boy, NES 1990
Sky Fox Arcade 1987
Soldam Game Boy 1993
Super Earth Defense Force SNES 1991
Tetris Plus 2 Arcade 1997