ABPA Backgammon

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ABPA Backgammon
Developer APh Technological Consulting
Publisher Mattel, Intellivision Productions
Platforms GameCube, Intellivision, Mac OS, PlayStation 2, Windows, Xbox
Released Intellivision
NA: 1979
Windows, Mac OS (Intellivision Lives!)
NA: December 18, 1998
PlayStation 2 (Intellivision Lives!)
NA: November 20, 2003
AU/EU: September 24, 2004
Xbox (Intellivision Lives!)
NA: February 2, 2004
GameCube (Intellivision Lives!)
NA: November 4, 2004
Added to
Mac OS, Windows (Lives!): December 28, 2019

ABPA Backgammon is a video game by APh Technological Consulting. It was one of the four launch titles for the Mattel Intellivision.

It was included, without the American Backgammon Players Association license, simply as Backgammon on Intellivision Lives for GameCube, Mac OS, PlayStation 2, Windows, and Xbox.