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Mattel logo.png
Type Public
Founded January 1945
Headquarters Segundo, California, USA
Key people not disclosed
Industry toys, video games
Products toys, video games
Number of people not disclosed

Mattel is an American multinational toy company.


Mattel was founded in January 1945.

Computers and video games

Mattel entered the video game industry in 1977, with the foundation of Mattel Electronics.

Mattel released the Intellivision video game console in 1979.

A video game development division, M Network, was founded in 1982.

The Mattel Aquarius, designed by Radofin, was released in 1983.

All of Mattel's non-toy divisions closed in 1984, after suffering losses due to the video game crash of 1983.

Beginning in 1986, Mattel began manufacturing and distributing the Nintendo Entertainment System in Europe.

Video games published by Mattel

Title System Released Notes
Air Raiders Atari 2600 1982
Armor Ambush Atari 2600 1982
Astroblast Atari 2600 1982
Dark Cavern Atari 2600 1982
Frogs and Flies Atari 2600 1982
International Soccer Atari 2600 1982
Space Attack Atari 2600 1982
Star Strike Atari 2600 1982
Super Challenge Baseball Atari 2600 1982
Super Challenge Football Atari 2600 1982
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