Jennifer McMurray

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Jennifer McMurray
Known forFounder of Cyberdog Castle (1991)
Founder of The Adventuress (1996)
Emu Camp webmaster (2001-2008)
Founder, host of DreamCon (2004-2018)
Founder of Cydoca Entertainment (2005)
Founder of WEC Museum (2006)
DC Evolution webmaster (2015-present)
Preceded byDC Evolution webmaster: Curt Grymala
Emu Camp webmaster: Omar Cornut
Succeeded byDreamCon host: Curt Grymala
Emu Camp webmaster: François Gutherz
BirthMarch 17, 1979

Jennifer McMurray is the president and founder of West Elmira Computers Museum.

History in the video game industry

Jennifer McMurray started West Elmira Computers Museum in 2006, from the collection she began a child.

She has taken on many roles in the video game industry, including information technology, quality assurance, programming, writing, art, animations, music, foley, direction, community moderation, and video game journalism.

She provided quality assurance for Sierra, Double Fine, Daedalic, and The Sleeping Machine, and was a community moderator for Telltale and Double Fine.

As a video game journalist, she has written for Adventure Gamers, Adventure Lantern, The Adventuress, Arcade Heroes, Consolevision, DC Emulation, DC Evolution, DCEmu UK, The Dreamcast Junkyard, Dreamcast-Scene, Dream On, Emulation Camp, The International House of Mojo, Retrogames, Vintage Gaming, and Zophar's Domain. She has also contributed to articles for Retro Gamer magazine.

She also contributed to open-source game projects, including ScummVM, ResidualVM, OpenBOR, and the Amnesia Fortnight community games Bad Golf: Community Edition and Pongball. She created an emulator project entitled Little Arcade Machine Emulator Releases, or LASER, based on, with permission, Mike Green's Sinvader. She created several open source games which can be found on her page. She also was the project leader and co-project leader, respectively, of two other Amnesia Fortnight community games: The Lost Dev Team and Amnesia Adventure.