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Retro Gamer magazine.png
Retro Gamer
PublisherLive Publishing (2004-2005)
Imagine Publishing (2005-present)
ReleasedJanuary 2004-present
Added to
Issue 8 (w/CD): May 17, 2018
Issue 4, 5, 7 (w/CDs): January 16, 2020
Issue 6 (w/CD): August 20, 2020
Issue 12 (CD only): February 8, 2022

Retro Gamer is a British magazine. It was the first magazine dedicated entirely to retro gaming when it was released in January 2004.

Cover discs

It often included cover discs with retro games contained within.

Retro Gaming Extravaganza

Retro Gaming Extravaganza was the cover disc for the fifth issue in June 2004.

It contained sixteen video games and twenty emulators.

The Graftgold Collection

The Graftgold Collection was the cover disc for the eighth issue in December 2004.

It contained thirty video games, fifteen emulators, and behind-the-scenes videos about the canceled Konix Multisystem video game console.


Llamarama was the cover disc for the twelfth issue in April 2005.

It contained thirty-four video games, five technical demos, and eighteen emulators.