View-Master Batman Animated VR

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View-Master Batman Animated VR
Developer Blue Ribbon Content
DC Entertainment
Publisher Mattel
Platforms Android, iOS
Released AU/EU/NA: 2016
Added to
September 29, 2017

View-Master Batman Animated VR, also available as the View Master Batman: The Animated Series Experience Pack, is a virtual reality adventure video game that is based on the animated television series, Batman: The Animated Series. It was developed by Blue Ribbon Content, the digital series production unit of Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment, in conjunction with the cloud graphics company, Otoy.

It was published by Mattel in 2016 for iOS and Android devices. It displays virtual reality content through a split screen, and can be viewed with the Mattel View-Master headset or any headset compatible with Google Cardboard.

Experience Pack

Alongside the digital versions, it is also available in a physical version titled View Master Batman: The Animated Series Experience Pack.

The Experience Pack contains a QR code and a View-Master slide. The QR-Code is used to unlock the Batman: The Animated Series VR content from the View-Master Destinations VR app, which is included as a download with the package. After verification via the QR-Code, the Android or iOS version can be downloaded from the respective app store.

The View-Master slide is used to access a augmented reality menu, which is created when the slide is in view of the smartphone camera contained inside the Google Cardboard compatible headset. The digital download version does not include the augmented reality menu, as it does not include the slide. However, all of the game content is identical in both versions.


The game is an adventure game wherein the player takes the role of an unidentified partner of Batman. The Batwing jet has been updated to operate by remote control, and it contains a communication system wherein Alfred Pennyworth or Batman can offer instructions or advice. The goal is to travel around Gotham City to solve puzzles related to the cases with which Batman requires help.