Tetris Gold

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Tetris Gold
DeveloperSphere, Inc.
PublisherSpectrum Holobyte
SystemsDOS, Mac OS, Windows 3.x
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April 5, 2020

Tetris Gold is a compilation of puzzle video games developed by Sphere, Inc. and published by Spectrum Holobyte.

Included games

Title Release Notes
Tetris (prototype) 1986 The original DOS version that was developed by AcademySoft in the USSR.
Tetris 1988 The original version by Spectrum Holobyte, for DOS and Mac OS.
Welltris 1989 Blocks fall down a well and lines have to be completed to clear blocks, for DOS and Mac OS.
Faces 1990 Parts of faces have to be arranged to make complete human faces, for DOS and Mac OS.
Super Tetris 1991 A version with lightning and bomb powerups for DOS, Mac OS, and Windows 3.x.
Wordtris 1991 A falling letter game where letters have to be placed to form words, for DOS and Mac OS.
Tetris Classic 1992 An enhanced remake with VGA graphics and digital music for DOS and Windows 3.x.