Pirate Adventure

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This article is about the game also known as Adventure on TI-99/4A. For the Atari 2600 game, see Adventure. For the text adventure also known as Adventure, see Colossal Cave Adventure.

Pirate Adventure cover.jpg
Pirate Adventure
DeveloperAdventure International
PublisherAdventure International
SystemsAcorn Electron, Apple II, Atari 8-bit, BBC Micro, Commodore 64, Commodore PET, Dragon 32/64, TI-99/4A, TRS-80, VIC-20, Windows, ZX Spectrum
ReleasedApple II, TRS-80: 1978
Commodore PET: 1979
Atari 8-bit, TI-99/4A: 1981
BBC Micro, Dragon 32/64, Electron, VIC-20, ZX Spectrum: 1984
Commodore 64: 1985
Windows: November 24, 1997
Added to
Windows: April 23, 2011
TI-99/4A: February 3, 2020

Pirate Adventure, known as Adventure in the TI-99/4A release and as Pirate's Cove in the VIC-20 release, was a video game released in 1978 by Adventure International. It was the second adventure game developed by Scott Adams.

It was a text adventure and was also released with static graphics as SAGA (Scott Adams Graphic Adventure) #2.


A treasure hunter travels to an island to find the pirate's treasure.


It was created with the Scott Adams interpreter. It was re-released for free download as donationware for Windows on November 24, 1997.