Apple II

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Apple II logo.png
Apple II
CPU1.02 MHz MOS 6502
GraphicsLo-res (40×48, 16-colors)
Hi-res (280×192, 6-colors)
RAM4 KB - 64 KB
MediaCassette tape, Floppy disk
ReleaseJune 10, 1977
Added to museumNot yet

The Apple II, also known as the Apple ][, was the second computer released by Apple Computer.

It was initially released on June 10, 1977.

Physical Apple II games owned by the WEC Museum

Title Developer Release Added to Museum Notes
The Dark Crystal Sierra On-Line 1983 December 25, 1983 The WEC museum owns only the disk.
Ulysses and the Golden Fleece Sierra On-Line 1981 December 25, 1981 The WEC museum owns only the disk.
Wizard and the Princess Sierra On-Line 1980 December 25, 1980 The WEC museum owns only the disk.