New Line Cinema Blade series

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New Line Cinema Blade series
Developer New Line Cinema
Publisher New Line Cinema
Platforms As noted below
Released 1998-2006
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The New Line Cinema Blade series was an American multimedia series by New Line Cinema that was spearheaded by films and television shows with characters related to the Marvel Comics character Blade. It also included comics and music.

Purchase of Blade film rights

In 1996, Marvel Enterprises went bankrupt. To save the company, the film rights to its most popular characters were sold to various film studios at relatively low prices. The rights to produce Blade films, as well as films based on characters related to the character, were purchased by New Line Cinema.


It was discontinued with the release of Blade: The Series in 2006. The rights to the character reverted to Marvel Studios in 2013.

Blade films

Title Studio Released Added to the Museum Notes
Blade New Line Cinema 1998 Not yet
Blade II New Line Cinema 2002 Not yet
Blade: Trinity New Line Cinema 2004 Not yet

Blade television series

Title Studio Released Added to the Museum Notes
Blade: The Series New Line Television 2006 Not yet