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Blade logo.png
Developer Marv Wolfman
Gene Colan
Publisher Marvel Entertainment, various
Released 1973-present
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Blade is part of an international multimedia series consisting of films, television shows, music, video games, and comics.

The character was created by the Marvel Comics team of Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan in July 1973.

Character biography

Eric Cross Brooks is born after his mother is killed by a vampire while he was still in the womb.

This makes him a daywalker, a human with vampiric traits who can survive in sunlight.

Films featuring Blade

Title Studio Released Notes
Blade New Line Cinema 1998
Blade II New Line Cinema 2002
Blade: Trinity New Line Cinema 2004
The Eternals Marvel Studios 2021
Blade Marvel Studios 2025

Blade television series

Title Studio Released Notes
Blade: The Series New Line Television 2006