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IQue logo.png
TypeSubsidiary of Nintendo
HeadquartersSuzhou, China
Key peopleWei Yen, founder
Industryvideo games
ProductsVideo games consoles, video games
Employeesnot disclosed

iQue is a Chinese video game company that is a subsidiary of Nintendo.


China banned video game consoles in 2000, due to concerns over adverse effects in youth. As a result, in 2002, iQue was founded as a joint venture between Chinese-American scientist Wei Yen and Nintendo. Their first console, the iQue Player, was developed to circumvent the ban. It did not have the physical media of traditional consoles, and games were stored in system memory.

iQue also released Nintendo's handheld consoles in China, from the Game Boy Advance to the 3DS XL in December 2012.

Subsidiary of Nintendo

By 2013, the company became a fully owned subsidiary of Nintendo. Consoles released in China after 2013 were released under the Nintendo brand. After that point, iQue continued to support the products they had already released, and localized Nintendo's products into simplified Chinese while Nintendo Hong Kong localized products into traditional Chinese.

Video game consoles by iQue

Title Release Added to museum Notes
iQue Player 2003 July 13, 2018
Game Boy Advance 2004 September 18, 2017 (Nintendo-branded version) The SP and micro models were also released by iQue.
DS 2005 Not yet The lite model was also released by iQue.
DSi 2009 November 3, 2018 (Nintendo-branded version)
3DS XL 2012 March 17, 2014 (Nintendo-branded version) No access to an e-shop.