Ryuji Goda

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Ryuji Goda
Developer Toshihiro Nagoshi
Publisher Sega
Platforms As noted below
Released 2006-present
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Ryuji Goda (郷田龍司, Gōda Ryūji) is a character that is part of a multimedia series consisting of video games and music.

He was the primary villain from Yakuza 2. He is also a playable character in two other games in the Like a Dragon series.

Goda's likeness and voice actor were used to portray a historical samurai in Like a Dragon: Ishin!, Saigō Takamori, also known as Saigō Kichinosuke.

Fictional character biography

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Ryuji Goda was a large man who was even tall for his age as a child.

As an adult, he became known as the Dragon of Kansai.

He is a member of the yakuza organization, the Omi Alliance.

Learning about Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima, he aims to defeat him as he believes there should only be one dragon in the yakuza.

Video games with Ryuji Goda as a playable character

Title Developer System Release Notes
Yakuza: Dead Souls Sega CS1 PS3 2011 Ryuji Goda is one of the playable characters.
Like a Dragon Online Ryū ga Gotoku Studio Android, iOS, Windows 2018 The second part of the main story, Wanderings of the Golden Dragon is about Ryuji Goda.

Video games with Ryuji Goda as a non-playable character

Title Developer System Release Notes
Yakuza 2 Sega New Entertainment R&D Dept. PS2 2006 Ryuji Goda is the primary villain.
Like a Dragon 1&2 HD Edition Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio PS3, Wii U 2012 Ryuji Goda is in the high-definition port of Yakuza 2. The Wii U version is named Like a Dragon 1&2 Wii U Edition. Available only in Japan.
Yakuza 0 Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio PS3, PS4, Windows, Xbox One 2015 Ryuji Goda appears in a sidequest as a child.
Yakuza Kiwami 2 Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio PS4, Windows, Xbox One 2017 High-definition remake of Yakuza 2.

Magazines featuring Ryuji Goda

Title Publisher Release Notes
Kamutai Magazine
(December 2006)
Sega 2006 Preorder bonus for Like a Dragon 2.
Kamutai Magazine
(February 2009)
Sega 2009 Preorder bonus for Like a Dragon 3.
Kamutai Magazine
(March 2010)
Sega 2010 Preorder bonus for Like a Dragon 4.