Kamutai Magazine

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Kamutai Magazine
Author Sega
Publisher Sega
Subject Like a Dragon series
Released December 8, 2005 - September 22, 2010
Added to
December 2006 (Yakuza 2): August 15, 2022
March 2008 (Kenzan!): June 20, 2023
February 2009 (Yakuza 3): June 20, 2023
March 2010 (Yakuza 4): June 20, 2023
September 2010 (Black Panther): November 23, 2023

Kamutai Magazine was a magazine published by Sega that launched on December 8, 2005.

Like a Dragon game pre-orders

It was a physical magazine that was released with preorders of Like a Dragon video games, only in Japan.

It was released for the first four mainline games in the series as well as the spin-offs, Like a Dragon: Kenzan! and Black Panther: Like a Dragon New Chapter.


From December 2005 to September 2010, Kamutai Magazine issues were included as pre-order bonuses with Like a Dragon games in Japan.


In March 2015, for Like a Dragon 0, the pre-order bonus was a special edition of a real magazine titled "Like a Dragon: Hot•Dog Press".


Release Game Notes
December 2005 Like a Dragon
December 2006 Like a Dragon 2
March 2008 Like a Dragon: Kenzan!
February 2009 Like a Dragon 3 WEC Museum owns two
March 2010 Like a Dragon 4
September 2010 Black Panther: Like a Dragon New Chapter Titled "Young Kamutai".