Empty Clip Studios

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Empty Clip Studios logo.png
Empty Clip Studios
Type Private
Founded July 2007
Headquarters San Diego, California
Key people Matt Shores, founder
Francois Bertrand, founder
Industry Video games
Products Video games
Number of people Not disclosed
Website https://www.emptyclipstudios.com/

Empty Clip Studios, LLC is an American video game developer based in San Diego, California.


Empty Clip Studios was founded in July 2007 by Matt Shores and Francois Bertrand.


It maintains an emulation software development kit known as Arsenal. It was used for the re-release of the Nintendo Entertainment System game F-117A Stealth Fighter and the Japanese-exclusive Famicom game Stargazer (星をみるひと, Hoshi wo Miru Hito).

Arsenal was also used for NHL '94 Rewind, a re-release of the Sega Genesis game NHL '94 which was available to purchase by people who owned NHL 21.

The promotional game, Streets of Kamurocho, which was released on Windows for the 60th anniversary of Sega, used Arsenal for the gameplay engine, which was from Streets of Rage 2.

Video games by Empty Clip Studios owned by WEC Museum

Title System Release Added to Museum Notes
Streets of Kamurocho Windows 2020 October 20, 2020 Beat-em 'up in the 16-bit Streets of Rage style.