Windows 2.x

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Windows 2.x
Released2.0: December 9, 1987
2.10: May 27, 1988
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Windows 2.x is a group of operating systems that constitute the second iteration of the Windows product line by Microsoft.


Windows 2.0 added overlapping windows, more keyboard shortcuts, and the control panel.

2.1 was split into 286 and 386 versions and required a hard drive. Windows/286 included a himem.sys file that allowed access to the high memory area freeing up conventional memory. Windows/386 also had himem.sys, and used the virtual 8086 mode of the 80386 to allow for multi-tasking of DOS applications.

Windows 2.x relied on the DOS operating system for essential functions, and were restricted to the 16-bit architecture of DOS.

Windows/386 2.1 ran DOS programs through a DOS-based Virtual DOS Machine.

The Windows 2.x line had 16-bit file access. Applications created with these versions were compatible with Windows 2 but weren't compatible with Windows 3 and higher operating systems due to the lack of protected mode.

Digital 16-bit Windows 2.x games owned by WEC Museum

Title Developer Released Date Added to the Museum Notes
Taipei! Bogus Software 1987 April 26, 2019 Version 1.02 of a Mahjong Solitaire game for Windows 2.1.