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Logitech First Mouse.jpg
DesignerDouglas Engelbart
ReleaseDecember 9, 1968-present
Added to museumLogitech First Mouse: May 29, 2020

A mouse or computer mouse is a pointing device for a computer. It is a hand-held peripheral that moves freely on a flat surface. It detects motion relative to that surface either by means of a trackball or tracking laser, both of which are located at the bottom of the mouse.

Mice also have buttons to select an action, usually relative to the position of the mouse pointer. Mice typically have between one and three buttons. They can also contain a scroll wheel, which is typically used to advance the scroll bar in the open application.

Mice owned by the WEC Museum

Name Manufacturer Released Added to Museum Notes
First Mouse Logitech 1994 May 29, 2020 The WEC Museum owns a DE-9 mouse with its box.