Tetris Gaming Handheld

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Tetris handheld logo.png
Tetris Gaming Handheld
Designer McDonald's
Manufacturer McDonald's
Graphics Monochrome LCD
Released China: May 24, 2023
Added to Museum June 22, 2023
Tetris McNugget.png

The Tetris Gaming Handheld (俄罗斯方块 游戏掌上电脑, Èluósī Fāngkuài Yóuxì Zhǎngshàng Diànnǎo, Russian Block Gaming Handheld) was a video game console shaped like a chicken nugget.

It had a monochrome liquid crystal display screen that plays a derivative of Tetris.

It is officially licensed by The Tetris Company and was available at McDonald's restaurants in China.

It was released in 2023 for the fortieth anniversary of the wide release of Chicken McNuggets.