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THEVIC20 logo.png
Designer Retro Games
Manufacturer Koch Media
CPU 1.2 Ghz Dual-core Cortex-A7
Graphics 500 Mhz Dual-core Mali-400 ARM
Memory 512MB
Media built-in media
Released EU: October 23, 2020
Added to Museum June 2, 2022

THEVIC20 is a video game console by Retro Games.

THEVIC20 is a full-size system with a replica of the original Commodore VIC-20 keyboard. It also came with one joystick designed to replicate Commodore joysticks.

THEVIC20 can be switched to load into Commodore 64 mode, VIC-20 mode, or the Commodore Carousel menu system.


It contains sixty-five built-in games. The VICE emulator by Jarkko Sonninen and the VICE team runs BASIC and the included games.

The power is provided by a standard mini USB plug and wall adapter, and the video is output through HDMI.

Technical specifications

The system is more powerful than the system on which it is designed.

It uses an Allwinner R16 "system on a chip". The system specifications are as follows:

  • 1.2 Ghz dual-core Cortex-A7 CPU (central processing unit)
  • 500 Mhz dual-core Mali-400 ARM GPU (graphics processing unit)
  • 512MB RAM (random access memory)
  • 512MB Flash storage

Since it uses a common architecture, the system can be modified to add additional games, simply using the supplied mini-USB cable and open-source software.

Games included on THEVIC20

The following table lists the games included in THEVIC20.

Title Developer VIC20 Commodore 64
Abductor Llamasoft Yes No
Alleykat Andrew Braybrook No Yes
Andes Attack Llamasoft Yes No
The Arc of Yesod Robert Tinman No Yes
Arcadia Imagine Software Yes No
Bear Bovver Jon Ritman No Yes
Bewitched Imagine Software Yes No
Blitzkrieg Llamasoft Yes No
Boulder Dash Peter Liepa, Chris Grey No Yes
Brainstorm Pixel Productions Yes No
California Games Epyx Yes Yes
Catcha Snatcha Imagine Software Yes No
Chip's Challenge Tom Pinnock No Yes
Connect Four Keith Pomakis Yes No
Cyberdyne Warrior John Rowlands No Yes
Cybernoid II: The Revenge Nick Jones No Yes
Destroyer Chuck Sommerville, Michael Kosaka No Yes
Encounter John Gibbons Yes No
Firelord John Cumming Yes No
Frantic Imagine Software Yes No
Galencia Mini Jason Aldred No Yes
Frog Chase Arctic Computing Yes No
Gribbly's Day Out Andrew Braybrook No Yes
Gridrunner Llamasoft Yes No
Harvester Pixel Productions Yes No
Headbangers Heaven Llamasoft Yes No
Heartland Keith Robinson No Yes
Hell Gate Llamasoft Yes No
Impossible Mission Dan Caswell Yes Yes
Impossible Mission Epyx No Yes
IO Doug Hare No Yes
Iridis Alpha Llamasoft No Yes
Jumpman Randy Glover No Yes
Laser Zone Llamasoft Yes No
Martians Artic Computing Yes No
Matrix Llamasoft Yes No
Mega Apocalypse Simon Nicol No Yes
Mega Vault Imagine Software Yes No
Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time Llamasoft Yes No
Nebulus John M. Phillips No Yes
Netherworld Jukka Tapanmaki No Yes
Paradroid Andrew Braybrook No Yes
Pitstop II Dennis Caswell, Steve Landrum No Yes
Planet of Death Richard Turner, Chris Thornton Yes No
Psychedelia Llamasoft Yes No
Robin of the Wood Marc Dawson No Yes
Snake Chuck Sommerville Yes No
Speedball 2 Carl Muller No Yes
Spindizzy Paul Shirley No Yes
Starquest Pixel Productions Yes No
Street Sports Baseball Greg Omi No Yes
Street Sports Basketball Andrew Spencer No Yes
Subspace Striker Pixel Productions Yes No
Summer Games II Epyx No Yes
Super Cycle Stephen H. Landrum No Yes
Sword of Fargoal Jeff McCord No Yes
Tank Battle Arctic Computing Yes No
Temple of Apshai Trilogy
(Remakes of Temple of Apshai, Upper Reaches of Apshai, and Curse of Ra)
Steve Bryson, Stephen H. Landrum No Yes
Traxx Jeff Minter No Yes
Uridium Andrew Braybrook No Yes
Wacky Waiters Imagine Software Yes No
Winter Games Action Graphics Yes Yes
World Games K-Byte Yes Yes
Tank Battle Arctic Computing Yes No
Zor Pixel Productions Yes No
Zynaps John Cumming Yes Yes