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RadioShack logo.png
Type Public
Founded 1919 (Hinckley-Tandy Leather Company)
1921 (Radio Shack)
1956 (General American Industries)
1961 (Tandy Corporation)
2000 (RadioShack Corporation)
Headquarters Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.
Key people Norton Hinckley (Hinkley-Tandy Leather)
Dave L. Tandy (Hinkley-Tandy Leather)
Theodore Deutschmann (Radio Shack)
Milton Deutschmann (Radio Shack)
Industry electronics, computers
Products electronics, computers
Number of people not disclosed

RadioShack is an American electronics company.

Hinckley-Tandy Leather Company

The Hinckley-Tandy Leather Company was founded in 1919 by Norton Hinckley and Dave L. Tandy.

Radio Shack

Radio Shack was founded in 1921 by Theodore Deutschmann and Milton Deutschmann.

General American Industries

In 1956, the Hinckley-Tandy Leather Company was renamed to General American Industries.

Tandy Corporation

In 1961, General American Industries was renamed to Tandy Corporation.

Tandy acquires Radio Shack

In 1963, Tandy acquired Radio Shack. The Tandy name was used as a brand in Radio Shack stores.

RadioShack Corporation

In 2000, the Tandy Corporation was renamed to the RadioShack Corporation.

Computers by Tandy owned by the WEC Museum

Title Release Added to museum Notes
TRS-80 Color Computer 2 1983 October 1, 2020