Pop Team Epic

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Pop Team Epic
Developer Bkub Okawa
Publisher King Records
Platforms As noted below
Released August 29, 2014 -present
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Pop Team Epic is a Japanese multimedia series.

It was created as a webcomic on August 29, 2014, by Bkub Okawa.

This was followed by music, television show, and video game adaptations.

Fictional character biographies

Popuko and Pipimi.png

Popuko and Pipimi are two fourteen-year-old Japanese girls.

They find themselves in surreal situations.

They often have to deal with circumstances beyond their years.

Television series

Title Studios Release Formats Notes
Pop Team Epic King Records, Space Neko Company 2018-2022 Blu-ray, Digital

Video games

Title Developer Release System Notes
Takeshobo Quest ~Pop Team Epic Assaults~ Solid Sphere 2018 Android
Pop Team Epic++ ~Popuko and Pipimi's Great Friendship Strategy~ Churapps 2019 Android, iOS