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Natsume Atari logo.png
Natsume Atari
Type Public
Founded October 20, 1987 (Natsume)
October 2002 (Atari, Inc.)
2013 (Natsume Atari)
Headquarters Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Key people Not disclosed
Industry Video games
Products Video games
Number of people Not disclosed

Natsume Atari Co., Ltd. is a Japanese video game developer and publisher.


Natsume Co., Ltd. was formed on October 20, 1987.

Natsume Inc., an American video game developer and publisher that spun off from Natsume in 1995, also has a Japanese division named Natsume Inc. Japan. Although Natsume and its successor Natsume Atari are not directly connected to these companies, they have collaborated on projects.

Atari, Inc.

In October 2002, Natsume formed the pachinko company Atari, Inc., which had no association with the American Atari.

Natsume Atari

In October 2013, Atari, Inc. was merged into Natsume and the company was renamed Natsume Atari.

Natsume video games

To view games from other developers that Natsume published, see games published by Natsume.

Video games developed by Natsume

Title System Released Notes
Doko Doko Don 2 Family Computer 1992
Quarterback Scramble Family Computer 1989