LK Avalon

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LK Avalon logo.png
LK Avalon
HeadquartersŚwilcza, Rzeszów, Poland
Key peopleTomasz Pazdan, founder
Janusz Pelc, founder
Mirosław Liminowicz, partner
IndustryVideo games, consoles
ProductsVideo games consoles
Employeesnot disclosed

LK Avalon is a video game company based in Poland.


LK Avalon was formed in 1989 by Tomasz Pazdan and Janusz Pelc.

In 1990, Mirosław Liminowicz joined LK Avalon.

When Janusz Pelc left the company in late 1990, Liminowicz replaced Pelc as partner.

Video games by LK Avalon owned by WEC Museum

Name System Released Added to Museum Notes
Sołtys DOS 1995 August 7, 2015
Sfinx DOS 1997 August 7, 2015