Floigan Bros.

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Floigan Bros. cover.jpg
Floigan Bros.
DeveloperVisual Concepts
ReleasedNA: July 30, 2001
AU/EU: November 23, 2001
Added to
Game: November 8, 2018
DLC: May 26, 2020

Floigan Bros. is a video game by Visual Concepts.

Downloadable content

Floigan Bros. had downloadable content that would unlock new "Fun Moigle Things" on the disc. There were twelve DLC items, one for each month.

  • January: "Knitted Hat" - Added a knitted hat on top of Moigle's head.
  • February: "Valentine" - Gave a valentine to Moigle, which he would read while hearts circled his head.
  • March: "Cinnamon Candy" - Gave cinnamon candy to Moigle, which he would eat.
  • April: "Easter Egg Hunt" - Added a new mini-game in which the object was to find 7 out of 13 Easter eggs before Moigle.
  • May: "Gray Wig" - Moigle's outfit changed to a gray wig and a blue flowered dress.
  • June: "Baseball Cap" - Added a baseball hat on top of Moigle's head.
  • July: "Fireworks" - Displayed fireworks.
  • August: "Baseball's World Series" - Added a batting helmet to Moigle's head
  • September: "Back to School" - gave homework to Moigle
  • October: "Halloween Costume!" - Moigle's outfit changed to a skeleton costume
  • November: "Pilgrim" - Added a pilgrim hat to Moigle's head
  • December: "Presents In the Mail" - Moigle's outfit changed to a reindeer costume.

On October 3, 2017 members of the original development team hacked the January DLC, the only DLC item archived on the internet at the time, to unlock the rest of the DLC. As Floigan Bros. was released after the Dreamcast was discontinued by Sega, some of the DLC was never released prior to that point.