Fionna and Cake

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Fionna and Cake
Developer Natasha Allegri
Publisher Cartoon Network, Max
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Released 2011-present
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Fionna and Cake, known initially as Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake, is an American multimedia series consisting of television shows, video games, comics, and music.

It was spun off from the Adventure Time series.

Character biographies

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Fionna Campbell is a human girl originally thought to be part of a series of fan fiction created by the Ice King with gender-swapped versions of the magical residents of Ooo.

It is later discovered that Fionna and Cake actually exist within a secret universe within the Ice King's brain.

When the Ice King is cured of his magical madness and reverted to his human form, Simon Petrikov, Fionna and Cake's world also has its magic removed.

Video games

Title Developer System Release Notes
Fionna Fights Cartoon Network Games Android, Browser, iOS 2013