Basic Fun Arcade Classics

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Basic Fun Arcade Classics.png
Basic Fun Arcade Classics
DesignerBasic Fun
ManufacturerBasic Fun
Graphicsliquid crystal display
Mediasingle built-in game
ReleasePac-Man: July 15, 2016
Asteroids: December 1, 2017
Q*Bert: January 11, 2018
Centipede: June 25, 2018
Tetris: August 16, 2018
Space Invaders: September 5, 2018
Ms. Pac-Man: September 9, 2018
Fix-It Felix Jr.: October 11, 2018
Galaga: March 1, 2019
Joust: March 10, 2019
Added to museumTetris: June 18, 2019

Basic Fun Arcade Classics are simple electronic games using liquid cystal display screens in cases that resemble arcade cabinets, manufactured and sold by Basic Fun.

Nine games have been licensed to Basic Fun for use in their Arcade Classics line, including Pac-Man in 2016, Asteroids in 2017, Centipede, Fix-It Felix Jr., Ms. Pac-Man, Q*Bert, Space Invaders, and Tetris in 2018, and Galaga and Joust in 2019.