Sonic Mania

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Sonic Mania cover.jpg
Sonic Mania
Developer PagodaWest Games
Publisher Sega
Platforms Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One
Released PS4, Switch, Xbox One
AU/EU/NA: August 15, 2017
JP: August 16, 2017
AU/EU/NA: August 29, 2017
JP: August 30, 2017
Sonic Mania Plus
WW: July 17, 2018
Added to
Switch: January 31, 2018
Switch Sonic Mania Plus DLC: July 17, 2018

Sonic Mania is a platform game that commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Sonic Mania Plus

Sonic Mania Plus was an updated version released at retail and as downloadable content. It adds Ray the Flying Squirrel and Mighty the Armadillo, from SegaSonic the Hedgehog, as playable characters. It also adds a new "Encore Mode" with remixed levels.