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Pachinko is an arcade video game that is commonly used as a gambling game.

The goal is to get a set number of balls past stationary pegs into holes also guarded by stationary pegs.

In Asian gambling parlors, it is common for pachinko to be combined with elements of slot machines. This is known in Japan as a pachislot (パチスロ) or pachislo.


Bagatelles was a billiards game developed in France in 1777 which started games that had the goal to get balls past pegs and into holes.

The wall machine was invented in England in 1899. This expanded Bagatelles into a vertically mounted position.

It is believed that pachinko developed around 1925 from the Japanese-produced Corinth Game (コリントゲーム), based on the American Corinthian Bagatelles. Another direct predecessor was Japanese-produced wall machines, which were also first released in the 1920s.

Pachinko and Pachislot in video games

Pachinko and Pachislot games have remained popular throughout the world and have appeared in several video games.

Coconuts Japan developed several pachinko games in a Japanese-exclusive series known as Pachio-kun. They included the Famicom games Aiming for Pachinko Pro: Pachio-kun, Pachio-kun 2, Pachio-kun 3, Pachio-kun 4, and Pachio-kun 5. They also included the Game Boy games GB Pachio-kun, GB Pachio-kun 2, and GB Pachio-kun 3, Pachio-kun Castle, Pachio-kun Game Gallery. The series also included the Super Famicom games Pachio-kun Special, Pachio-kun Special 2, and Pachio-kun Special 3.

Plinko is a pachinko variation included in the Ludia-produced The Price is Right, a macOS, Nintendo DS, Wii, and Windows video game version of the popular American game show of the same name. It was also included in the sequels, The Price Is Right: 2010 Edition, which was available for the same platforms of its predecessor, and the PlayStation 3 and Wii game The Price is Right: Decades.

Ryū ga Gotoku Studio included pachislots as mini-games in many of their games, including Yakuza 2 and the Like a Dragon 2 portion of the Japanese-exclusive remastered compilation, Like a Dragon 1&2 HD Edition. They were also included in Yakuza 4 and in its remake Yakuza 4 Remastered except for the Windows version. Likewise, they were also included in Yakuza 5 and in its remake Yakuza 5 Remastered, again with the exception of the Windows version. The third-person zombie-shooter spin-off Yakuza: Dead Souls also included pachislot mini-games.

Sega AM2 included pachinko games in Shenmue II. They are also in the Shenmue II portion of the d3t-developed remastered compilation, Shenmue I & II. Pachinko games were also included in the Ys Net and Nello developed sequel, Shenmue III.