Korea Computer Center

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Korea Computer Center
Type North Korea government IT research center
Founded October 24, 1990
Key people

The Korea Computer Center (조선컴퓨터센터, Chosŏn Computer Center) or KCC is a North Korean government information technology research center.

It was founded in Pyongyang on October 24, 1990. Until 2015, it was considered a research institute. In early 2015, the Korea Computer Center was reorganized as a state-owned enterprise.


Several products have been developed by the Korea Computer Center, often based on open-source software.

Bright Light intranet network

North Korea has a nationwide walled intranet service which is known as Bright Light, or Kwangmyong in Korean. It was developed by the Korea Computer Center and the Central Scientific and Technological Information Agency launched it at some point from 1997 to the early 2000s. Between 1,000 to 5,500 websites are available on the Bright Light intranet network.

Korea Janggi

In 1999, the Korea Computer Center released Korea Janggi, or Chosŏn Janggi in North Korean parlance. It is a computer game version of Janggi, a traditional Korean board game.

Red Star operating system

Red Star, or Pulgunbyol in Korean, is an operating system based on the Linux distribution Fedora. The first release of Red Star was in 2008.

My Nation web browser

My Nation, or Naenara in Korean, is a web browser based on Firefox. It was released in 2012, as part of Red Star OS 3.0.

Prior versions of Red Star OS were bundled with Firefox.