Data East Arcade 1

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Data East Arcade 1 cover.jpg
Data East Arcade 1
Developer Blaze Entertainment
Publisher Blaze Entertainment
Platforms Evercade
Released November 3, 2021
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Data East Arcade 1 was a compilation cartridge for Evercade.

Data East Arcade 1 was the second arcade cartridge for the Evercade, and the twenty-fourth overall.

Emulated platforms

The games were playable through emulation. The emulated platforms were various arcade video game boards.

Included games

It contained ten games, originally released between 1981 and 1995, that were developed by Data East.

Title Developer Platform Notes
Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja Data East 1988 Arcade
Break Thru Data East 1986 Arcade
BurgerTime Data East 1982 Arcade
Chain Reaction Technōs Japan 1995 Arcade
Dark Seal Data East 1990 Arcade
Darwin 4078 Data East 1986 Arcade
Lock 'n' Chase Data East 1981 Arcade
Sly Spy Data East 1986 Arcade
Tumblepop Data East 1991 Arcade
Wizard Fire Technōs Japan 1992 Arcade