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JAMMA SuperGun.png
Super Gun
Designer various
Manufacturer various
CPU Depends on JAMMA PCB connected
Graphics Depends on JAMMA PCB connected
Memory Depends on JAMMA PCB connected
Released 1985
Added to Museum August 18, 2017

A SuperGun allows arcade printed circuit boards to connect to a television like a video game console.

JAMMA standard

During the early years of the arcade industry, most manufacturers used their own, unique, connections to connect components such as video, sound, controls, and power supplies, to the printed circuit boards (PCBs) of various arcade games.

In 1985, the Japan Amusement Machinery Manufacturers Association unveiled the JAMMA connection standard which aimed to set up a standard that let an arcade owner easily change a game into an arcade cabinet without having to manually rewire everything for each PCB.

Creation of SuperGuns

After the standardized JAMMA connections, SuperGuns were created to allow JAMMA PCBs to connect to television sets for maintenance or simply for play.