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Sega CD
Designer Sega
Manufacturer Sega
CPU 12.5 MHz Motorola 68000
Graphics Custom ASIC, 320 x 224 resolution
Memory 6 Mbit Main RAM
Media CD-ROM
Released JP: December 12, 1991
NA: October 15, 1992
UK: April 2, 1993
EU: 1993
Added to Museum Sega CD model 2: December 25, 1993

The Sega CD, known as the Mega CD outside of North America and Brazil, was a CD-ROM add-on for the Sega Genesis.


It allowed Sega Genesis and Sega Mega Drive to use CD-ROMs. It also added a second processor for sound, expanded the system memory, and had expanded graphic capabilities.

Sega CD 32x

The 32X, known as Genesis 32X in North America, Super 32X in Japan, Mega Drive 32X in Europe and Australia, and Mega 32X in Brazil, added two 32-bit processors, more memory and more RAM.

The Sega CD and 32X could be combined and the added capability was utilized in games labeled as supported by the Sega CD 32X.

Digital Sega CD games owned by WEC Museum

Title Developer Released Notes
Final Fight CD Taito 1993
Mansion of Hidden Souls System Sacom 1993
Night Striker Taito 1993
Night Trap Digital Pictures 1992
The Ninja Warriors Taito 1993
Robo Aleste Compile 1992
Sewer Shark Digital Pictures 1992
Shining Force CD Sonic! Software Planning
Silpheed Game Arts 1993
Sonic CD Sega 1993