Pokémon Puzzle Challenge

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Pokemon Puzzle Challenge.png
Pokémon Puzzle Challenge
DeveloperIntelligent Systems
SystemsGame Boy Color, Nintendo 3DS
ReleasedGame Boy
JP: September 21, 2000
NA: December 4, 2000
AU/EU: June 15, 2001
Nintendo 3DS (Virtual Console)
NA: November 6, 2014
AU/EU: November 27, 2014
Added to
3DS: June 13, 2019

Pokémon Puzzle Challenge, known in Japan as Pokémon de Panepon (ポケモンでパネポン), was a puzzle video game based on the Puzzle League series with characters and settings from the Pokémon series.


Pokémon Puzzle Challenge was released for Game Boy Color in Japan and North America in 2000 and in Europe and Australia in 2001.

An emulated version of the Game Boy Color version was released for Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in 2014.