Pac-Man Plus

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Pac-Man Plus
Developer Bally/Midway
Publisher Bally/Midway
Bandai Namco Entertainment
Tastemakers (Arcade1Up)
Platforms Arcade
Released Arcade
March 13, 1982
WW (Pac-Man): November 16, 2018
WW (Pac-Man Head-to-Head): October 3, 2019
WW (Pac-Man 40th Anniversary): July 15, 2020
WW (Ms. Pac-Man): December 11, 2020
Added to
Arcade1Up (Pac-Man): July 10, 2019
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Pac-Man Plus is an arcade game by Bally/Midway. It was the third arcade game in the Pac-Man series, and the fifth overall.