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OpenVMS logo.jpg
Developer Compaq, DEC, HP, VMS Software
Publisher Compaq, DEC, HP
Systems VAX, Alpha, Itanium
Released 1977-present
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OpenVMS stands for Open Virtual Memory System.


Digital Equipment Corporation started development on an operating system for the PDP-11 line, codenamed Star in April 1975, with a companion software project codenamed Starlett in June 1975.

The operating system, VAX-11/VMS released in 1977, with the release of the VAX-11 computer. It was renamed VAX/VMS in 1980, when the computer's name was shortened to VAX. In 1983, the MiniVAX computer line was released, and MiniVMS was released for it.

In 1991, it was renamed to OpenVMS due to the operating system's support of the industry standards of open systems such as POSIX and Unix compatibility.