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Mindscape logo.png
Founded1980 (The Software Toolworks)
October 1983 (Mindscape)
~1984 (Software Country)
HeadquartersBoulogne-Billancourt, France
Key peopleWalt Bilofsky (The Software Toolworks)
Roger Buoy (Mindscape)
Les Crane (Software Country)
Industryvideo games
ProductsVideo games

Mindscape was a French video game developer and publisher.

The Software Toolworks

The Software Toolworks was founded in 1980.


Mindscape was founded as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the holding group SFN Companies in October 1983.

Software Country

Software Country was founded around 1984 by Les Crane.

The Software Toolworks merger with Software Country

Software Country merged with The Software Toolworks in 1986 and Les Crane became its chairman.

The Software Toolworks acquisition of Mindscape

The Software Toolworks acquired Mindscape in December 1989.

Pearson acquisition of The Software Toolworks

In May 1994, Pearson acquired The Software Toolworks and renamed it Mindscape.

Acquisition by The Learning Company

The Learning Company acquired Mindscape in March 1998.

Becoming a private company

In 2001, Jean-Pierre Nordman purchased Mindscape from The Learning Company. He then set it up as a private company in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.


It closed on August 10, 2011.

Games by The Software Toolworks owned by the WEC Museum

Title Year System Added to Museum Notes
The Original Adventure 1982 CP/M Osborne 1 CP/M: September 8, 2019 370-point commercial variation of Colossal Cave Adventure.