Metropolis Software House

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Metropolis Software House logo.png
Type Brand name of CD Projekt
Founded 1992 (closed in 2009)
Headquarters Warsaw, Poland
Key people Adrian Chmielarz, founder
Grzegorz Miechowski, founder
Industry Video games
Products Video games
Employees 259

Metropolis Software House is a brand name of CD Projekt.


Metropolis Software House was founded in Warsaw, Poland in 1992 by Adrian Chmielarz and Grzegorz Miechowski.

In 2002, a personal conflict between the founders led Chmielarz to leave the company to found People Can Fly. Miechowski continued to run Metropolis Software House.

Purchase by CD Projekt and closure

In 2008, CD Projekt purchased Metropolis Software House, and the company closed in 2009.

In 2010, 11 Bit Studios was formed by former Metropolis Software House and CD Projekt employees, with Miechowski serving as managing director.

Metropolis Software House games owned by WEC Museum

Title Year System Notes
Teenagent 1993 DOS The DOS version is owned by the WEC Museum.