Mega Man & Bass

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Mega Man Bass cover.jpg
Mega Man & Bass
SystemsGBA, Super Famicom, Wii U
ReleasedSuper Famicom
JP: April 24, 1998
Game Boy Advance
JP: August 10, 2002
NA: March 11, 2003
EU/AU: March 31, 2003
Virtual Console for Wii U
JP: February 18, 2015
NA: May 07, 2015
EU/AU: August 13, 2015
Added to
Wii U (GBA Virtual Console): November 6, 2019

Mega Man & Bass (ロックマン&フォルテ, "Rockman & Forte) is a platform video game by Capcom. It is the seventeenth game in the Mega Man series.