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Manhole cover.jpg
DeveloperNintendo R&D1
SystemsGame & Watch, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 3DS
ReleasedGame & Watch
Gold WW: January 29, 1981
New Wide Screen JP: August 24, 1983
Game Boy Gallery
Game Boy EU: April 27, 1995
Game Boy AU: 1995
Game & Watch Gallery
Game Boy NA: May 1997
Game Boy JP: February 1, 1997
Game Boy EU: August 28, 1997
Game Boy AU: 1997
3DS NA: July 14, 2011
3DS JP: June 22, 2011
3DS EU: July 21, 2011
3DS AU: July 21, 2011
Nintendo Mini Classics
Game Boy Advance e-Reader
JP: December 1, 2001
NA: September 17, 2002
AU: October 2003
Added to
GBA e-Reader: September 18, 2017
3DS: December 4, 2017

Manhole is a game by Nintendo R&D1. It was the first Game & Watch game.


A man walks and a man underneath holds manhole covers to prevent him from falling.


Manhole was released as a gold Game & Watch system in 1981 and as a widescreen Game & Watch system in 1983.

Ig was remade for Game Boy as part of Game Boy Gallery in 1995, and then was remade for Game Boy as part of Game & Watch Gallery in 1997.

It was re-released as part of the Nintendo Mini Classics line in 1999.

Manhole was also remade as a card for the Nintendo 3DS e-Reader in Japan in 2001, in North America in 2002, and in Australia in 2003.

Game Boy Gallery was released via emulation on Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in 2011.