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DeveloperCharacter creator: Shigeru Miyamoto
Video game developers: See below
PublisherMindscape, Nintendo, The Software Toolworks
SystemsAs noted below
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Luigi is a character created by Nintendo. He is part of a multimedia series that includes video games, television shows, films, comic books, and music.

Luigi debuted in the Mario Bros. series, and appeared in some games of the Super Mario series. He also starred in the Luigi's Mansion series and the Mario & Luigi RPG series.

Luigi has also appeared as a playable character in the Mario Kart series, the Mario Party series, the Mario sports series, the Super Smash Bros. series, and some games in the Dr. Mario series.

Fictional character biography

Baby Luigi.png

Baby Luigi

Luigi is an Italian-American who is born with a twin brother named Mario.

The two babies are being delivered by stork to their parents in New York City, when the stork is attacked by a magikoopa named Kamek.

Baby Luigi is kidnapped, while baby Mario falls down to Yoshi Island.

The Yoshis then set out to defeat Kamek, reunite the twins, and make sure the babies are delivered to their parents.

However, it turns out the babies are delivered to the wrong parents, and the Yoshis have to make sure they are delivered to the correct parents.

Luigi jump.png


Other than when exploring his mansion, Luigi normally travels with his brother Mario.

Though, occasionally, he has traveled on his own.

In Mario Is Missing!, Luigi has to travel around the world and collect treasures on his quest to rescue his brother.

In New Super Luigi U, Luigi and three Toads have to travel across the Mushroom Kingdom.

They rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, King of the Koopa.

Luigi video games

Title Developer System Release Added to museum Notes
Mario Is Missing! The Software Toolworks
Radical Entertainment
DOS, Mac OS, NES, SNES 1993, 1994 Not yet
New Super Luigi U Nintendo EAD Switch, Wii U 2013, 2019 Not yet