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Virtual Studio logo.png
Virtual Studio
Founded1983 (Loriciels)
1990 (Loriciel)
1994 (Virtual Studio)
(closed in 1998)
HeadquartersUnited States
Key peoplenot disclosed
Industryvideo games
ProductsVideo games
Employeesnot disclosed

Virtual Studio was a French video game developer and publisher.


Loriciel logo.png

Loriciels was founded in 1983.


Loriciels was renamed Loriciel in 1990.

Virtual Studio

Lorciel was renamed Virtual Studio in 1996.

It closed in 1998, one year prior to the release of its final game, Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy.

Video games by Loriciel owned by the WEC Museum

Title System Release Notes
Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3-D Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1993 Included on Retro-Bit Generations.