Krome Studios

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Krome Studios logo.jpg
Krome Studios
HeadquartersFortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia
Key peopleRobert Walsh, founder
Steve Stamatiadis, founder
John Passfield, founder
IndustryVideo games
ProductsVideo games

Krome Studios is an Australian video game developer and publisher.


Krome Studios was founded by Robert Walsh, Steve Stamatiadis, and John Passfield in 1999.

Krome Studios games owned by WEC Museum

Title Year System Released Notes
Extremely Goofy Skateboarding 2001 Windows March 12, 2020
Game Room 2010 Windows, Xbox 360 Xbox 360: December 21, 2010 WEC Museum owns Centipede, Kitten Kaboodle, Lunar Lander, and Pitfall.