Klik & Play

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Klik & Play
DeveloperEuropress Software
Systems3.1, Mac OS
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K&P for schools: April 29, 2019

Klik & Play is an application that allows for the creation of video games without any computer programming knowledge. It is a 16-bit program released for Windows 3.1 and Mac OS in 1994.


The games created were saved as '.knp' files, which could only be played using the Klik & Play application. In addition, since Klik & Play was an older program released for Windows 3.1 and classic Mac OS, it can't be run on 64-bit versions of Windows or Intel versions of macOS.

Freeware release

In 1994, a version for educational use, Klik & Play for Schools, was released. It was originally intended for use only in educational settings, however, it was released to the public as freeware in 2006.


The team behind Klik & Play would split off from Europress as Clickteam after the sale of Europress in 1999. They created additional programs expanded from Klik & Play, including Click & Create (also known as Multimedia Fusion Express) and The Games Factory in 1996, and Multimedia Fusion (later known as Clickteam Fusion) in 1998.