Joe & Mac 3: Lost in the Tropics

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Joe and Mac 3 cover.jpg
Joe & Mac 3: Lost in the Tropics
DeveloperData East
PublisherData East
Retro-Bit (Super Retro Cade)
Blaze Entertainment (Evercade)
SystemsSuper Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Retro Cade, Switch Online
ReleasedSuper Nintendo Entertainment System
JP: February 18, 1994
NA: April 1994
EU: November 1995
Super Retro Cade
December 15, 2017
SNES – Nintendo Switch Online
September 5, 2019
Evercade (Data East Collection 1)
EU: May 22, 2020
Added to
Super Retro Cade: June 19, 2019
Evercade (Data East Collection 1): May 1, 2021

Joe & Mac 3: Lost in the Tropics (戦え原始人3 主役はやっぱり ジョー&マック, Caveman Combat 3: The Protagonists Are Joe & Mac Again), also known as Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics in North America, is a platforming game by Data East. It is the sequel to Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja and Congo's Caper.