Green House

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Green House.jpg
Green House
DeveloperNintendo R&D1
SystemsGame & Watch, Game Boy Color, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS
ReleasedGame & Watch
March 7, 1983
Game & Watch Gallery 3
Game Boy Color: 1999
Nintendo 3DS: 2014
Game & Watch Collection
Nintendo DS: 2006
Added to
3DS: December 4, 2017

Green House is a game by Nintendo R&D1. It was the twenty-second Game & Watch game.


Bugs in a greenhouse have to be sprayed to protect the plants.


Green House was released as a multi-screen Game & Watch system in 1983.

It was remade for GBC as part of Game & Watch Gallery 3 in 1999.

It was remade for Game & Watch Collection for Nintendo DS in 2006.

Game & Watch Gallery 3 was released for Virtual Console on 3DS in 2014.