Grabbed by the Ghoulies

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Grabbed by the Ghoulies cover.jpg
Grabbed by the Ghoulies
PublisherMicrosoft Game Studios (Xbox)
Microsoft Studios (Xbox One)
SystemsXbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One
NA: October 21, 2003
EU: November 21, 2003
JP: April 29, 2004
Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility
WW: February 2009
Xbox One: August 4, 2015
Added to
Xbox One (Rare Replay): September 16, 2016

Grabbed by the Ghoulies was a video game released by Rare in 1997.


It was made playable on xbox 360 through backwards compatibility in February 2009.

It was re-released via emulation as part of Rare Replay for Xbox One in 2015.