Golf (1984 video game)

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Golf NES.png
DeveloperNintendo R&D2
HAL Laboratory
Hudson Soft (home computers)
Hudson Soft
SystemsArcade, e-Reader, Family Computer Disk System, Game Boy, GameCube, iQue Player, Nintendo 64, NES, PC-8800 series
JP: May 1, 1984
NA: October 18, 1985
EU: November 15, 1986
PlayChoice-10 Arcade
JP: June 1985
Sharp X1
JP: 1985
Game Boy
JP: November 28, 1989
NA: February, 1990
EU: 1990
Animal Forest for Nintendo 64
Animal Forest JP: April 14, 2001
Animal Forest/Crossing for GameCube
Animal Forest+ JP: December 14, 2001
Animal Crossing NA: September 15, 2002
Animal Forest e+ JP: June 27, 2003
Animal Crossing EU: September 24, 2004
Nintendo e-Reader for Game Boy Advance
Animal Forest for iQue Player
Animal Forest HK: June 1, 2006
Added to
GC (Animal Crossing): January 20, 2003

Tennis is a tennis video game by Nintendo.